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The ultimate attachment sending- and receiving-service to replace email attachments with a more reliable and secure way.

eParcel is something new in ever growing need to pass files and attachments between people via Internet.  It is secure and multilingual, you can add your branding and connect to your current user management system. Files are held on server only short time period selected by sender and then self-destructed, so you don't need to worry where your company's secrets are.

Secured sending and receiving
Less problems with email account sizes
Less traffic in company's internal network
Password protected eParcels
eParcels automatic expiring
Automated Virus-scanning of eParcels
Advanced reporting of eParcels usage
Pricing according to usage: user based / enterprise


eFleet is a Service Management application to provide controls and continuity for transport- and logistic chains no matter if it moves on rubber tyres, floats on water or flies up and high.

End-Customer knowledge of 
Fleet current status, location and future maintenance needs.
One view to see units service history.

Service Operator
Manage International breakdown services in one place.

Services, Stock Management, Reporting and Billing

Complete overview of your fleet
Knowledge of unit maintenance
Worldwide breakdown service
Be in control of tyre costs
Foresee tyre investments
Have safe journeys

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